Novice QErgs 2021

We entered QErgs with a group of 8 enthusiastic novices, after meeting a few times before the race to rehearse transitions. Our secret technique was to have two people holding down the footstraps for the one rowing so that we would gain precious milliseconds on the transitions and start rowing as soon as we could sit on the erg! We were ready to row and to win!!

As we arrived in Queen’s college on the day of the race, we heard the previous division shouting loudly to support their rowers. Then came our turn, and we had a great start with Emma, our LBC, screaming “GOOOOO, PUSH WITH YOUR LEEEEGS!!!”

Unfortunately, as we transitioned to rower 2, the marshals told us that our secret technique was… not allowed! Despite the confusion, rower 2 kept on rowing while we placed the footstraps back, pulling her fastest ever time. After a great effort from all 8 rowers, a lost shoe, and a fall off the erg, we ended up 6th out of all the colleges! YEAH NEWNHAM!