Lent Bumps 2022 – Day 2

1st VIII – Bumped Jesus W1

With no opportunity to race this term and suss out the competition, the 1st VIII turned up on Day 1 with the only things we could; the most intimidating paddling, good tunes for marshalling and a lot of adrenaline. And we certainly put that adrenaline to good use!

While it may not have been the cleanest or calmest we’ve ever rowed, 1 whistle at the end of our start sequence saw us settling to approximately rate 41! In the flurry of whistles and noise that followed, none of us are really sure what happened when, but bow pair can confirm there was a satisfying ‘thunk’ when our bow made contact with the stern of the Jesus eight somewhere outside the Plough.

With Day 1 done, we’re looking ahead with hopes of a slightly lower rating but equally as successful Day 2.

-Rhiannon Smith, Seat 2

3rd VIII – Row-over

Feeling pumped since our quick bump on Clare Hall W1 Yesterday, sugared up with starbursts and prepared with braids, we were ready to take on Tit Hall W2 today!

We got off to a powerful start (with the help of Emily’s particularly aggressive power) and found our rhythm, leaving the pursuing boats behind in the distance.

Spurred on by Cat’s extremely enthusiastic cheering, we kept Tit Hall in sight on station for most of the course, not allowing them to pull away before the railway bridge.

With lots of rest tomorrow we will be ready to catch them on Friday!!! Overall a solid row over with thanks to our wonderful subs and bank parties! YEAH NEWNHAM!

-Emma Gough, Seat 2