NCBC has a small but beloved fleet of boats, mostly Janouseks. Though most NCBC activities take place in crews of eight, we also have several smaller boats which see plenty of use!


Millicent Garret Fawcett

Our 1st VIII crew row in our newest VIII, ‘Millie’, purchased in 2018 thanks to a donation from alumna Catherine Bell (NC 1964), former President of CUWBC.

Rosalind Franklin

Our 2nd VIII row in ‘Rosie’, purchased in 2015 and named by former Head Coach, Alan Hendrick.

Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva, purchased in 2010 and named by then-Captain, Jennifer Hine, holds our 3rd VIII.


Baroness is our oldest and trustiest boat, having been bought in 2005. The 4th VIII, when there is one, row in Baroness, as do our novices!

IVs and Pairs


Our IV, Iris, was purchased in 2010 and named by the 2010/11 Captain, Sabrina Derham. NCBC often enters a four in Fairbairns, the major race of Michaelmas term.

Unnamed Pair

NCBC’s pair is our newest boat…



Grantchester is our newest boat, purchased thanks to a donation by an alumna so that members will be able to learn to scull.


McShane was passed on to NCBC by its orignal owner, former coach Tim Grainger