The most recent Gryphens newsletter can be found here.

The Gryphens was founded as an old girls society, bringing together past members of NCBC. The aim of The Gryphens is to ensure that NCBC is not just relevant whilst girls are students of Newnham College, but also after they leave. The name ‘The Gryphens’ was chosen because the griffin bird is used to symbolise Newnham College itself and can be seen displayed on all NCBC kit.

Gryphens are invited to return to Cambridge for races and other events throughout the year, including Mays Boat Club Dinner. They also receive termly NCBC newsletters so that they can keep up-to-date with all boat club goings-on.

For more information about the Gryphens and how to become a member, please contact our Development Officer. You can also join the Gryphens Facebook group to keep up to date with other news and event planning.


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