Lent Bumps 2022!

CrewDay 1 Day 2Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
1st VIIIRest dayBumped Jesus W1Bumped Downing W1Row-overRow-over to secure HEADSHIP!
2nd VIIIRow-overRest dayRow-overRow-overBumped Jesus W2
3rd VIIIBumped Clare Hall W1Row-overRest day Row-overBumped Trinity Hall W2

Read the race reports for Day 4 here.

Captains’ Welcome

Hi there! Welcome to the website of NCBC (Newnham College Boat Club)! We’re Beth and Amy, NCBC’s current captains. After novicing in Michaelmas 2019, we both definitely became clichés by becoming rowing-obsessed and we haven’t looked back since! We have both rowed in the 1st VIII this year and have worked together as LBCs (Lower Boats’ Captains). Beth is an engineer and Amy is a classicist and as we move into our third years we are very excited to once again prioritise NCBC over our degrees…

NCBC is an incredible club that welcomes anyone. So many people join having never enjoyed any kind of sport and fall in love with rowing – perhaps due to the fact that you somehow manage to exercise whilst sitting down!? We pride ourselves on being welcoming and encouraging, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to try something new and have fun whilst doing it! If you have any questions about NCBC this term, please email us!

Inclusivity and Accessibility Statement

As a club, NCBC is committed to encouraging equality, diversity, and inclusion among our members. We welcome all Newnham students, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and beliefs. Our aim as a club is to be fully representative of the community we come from (Newnham College) and we make continual efforts to ensure that we are working towards this aim. We are open to suggestions from members and non-members alike and would welcome your feedback.

Although we are limited by our resources, we try our absolute hardest to accommodate any access needs and are happy to work with our members to ensure our training and events are as accessible as possible. If we are unable to meet an individual’s access requirements, we would strive to find them an alternative place to learn to row and would include them in any events or training they did find accessible. 

If you have any questions about accessibility, please email the Captains (ncbc.captain@gmail.com) and they will be more than happy to speak to you about your access needs. Current members should use the accessibility form linked in our Facebook page.

Get Involved

Please have a look around our website to find out more about who we are, read our recent news and race results, and find out more about rowing with us.

Read our data protection statement here