Captains’ Welcome

Hello! Welcome to NCBC’s website! We’re Millie and Héloïse, NCBC’s captains. Millie is a third year NatSci, and Héloïse is a final year Classicist. We both noviced in 2018, and have rowed in boats ranging from W1-W3. When not studying for our degrees, we can most often be found thinking about rowing, training for rowing or actually rowing. NCBC is a wonderful, welcoming club. We want anyone who wants to try rowing to feel like they can join, regardless of sporting ability, and have a fantastic time. NCBC has been an important part of our experiences at Cambridge, and we want to make sure that everyone in NCBC feels the spirit of friendliness and determination which also characterises Newnham.Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to run things differently. We want to provide as full a rowing experience as the restrictions allow us to, including, as far as possible, a combination of land and on the water training. Please email us if you have any questions about rowing this term.

Latest News – Cambridge Win the 2021 Boat Races!

A crew of rowers celebrating at the end of a race

The past year has been a rollercoaster for us all. It’s not news to anyone that things have had to be done a little differently and the 2021 Boat Race was no exception. The frequently mentioned ‘historic move to Ely’ and the distinct lack of crowds on the banks made it an entirely different experience for the three Newnham rowers in the women’s boat this year. Each and every member of the full CUBC squad put in so much work and time into training for this race and they each deserve all the congratulations they received. 

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