Shaaroni Leionaonapoina’ole Wong

Many who knew Shaaroni before her rowing days would say that her transition to cox was an unlikely one, given her strong distaste for both the cold and early mornings. And yet, four years after Shaaroni first sat in the cox’s seat and experienced the joy of coxing on a river that is never straight, she has extended her one-year masters into a PhD in order to stay on the river and in the boat. Somewhat obsessed with balance/boat-sit, Shaaroni coxed and captained a women’s team at a different Cambridge college for several years before realizing the error of her ways and running to Newnham, just in time for a glorious Lent Bumps 2020 where her 2nd VIII went up 3 places during the races and served her excellent pasta (not during the races). On the Cam, Shaaroni is most famous for wearing more clothes than the rest of the crew put together and pointing out every dog, duckling, and cygnet she passes. She was NCBC’s Captain of Coxes in 2020/21 and loves talking about lines, calls, and corners to anyone who will listen.

When not on the river, Shaaroni is a PhD student in Sociology where she is studying how the everyday effects of systemic racism in the lives of Māori women in New Zealand.