June Eights Regatta: Day 4

1st VIII – won against Peterhouse W1

The 1st VIII went into today’s race knowing it’d be tight. With Katie miraculously bank partying us the div after she was rowing herself (legend), we rowed up in high spirits knowing that win or lose, there was prosecco waiting for us! After many satisfyingly set ‘easy there’s we were soon on the start line. This was our final day and we were determined to row FAST.

Peterhouse’s start was incredibly fast but we didn’t let that shake us today. They had almost a length off us after the start but we soon started to walk through them. By the time Cat had shouted that she had the Cox, we’d already taken her to be level with 7 seat. Somehow we managed to gain even more as we turned the last corner down to the P&E and we were pushing them away to the very last second. We crossed the line about a length ahead of them after our most dramatic and hard-fought race of the regatta. And yes, Rhiannon did cry.

– Emma Brightman and Beth Taylor (Stern pair)

2nd VIII – won against Peterhouse W2

Shall I compare thee to our final race?
We nine so artless and yet full of art
Set off at highest speed right from the start.
Though splashy and alarmed, stroke set the pace.
Peterhouse was on the meadow side
While we flew past, the longer race to row
Namera kept her eyes on them and so
She did not take the river’s bend too wide.
And as we started to our foes adjacent
We walked away with seeming graceful ease –
Remembering our legs to push and squeeze
As our cox cried, “Do not get complacent!”
And the records will relate for all posterity
That 2nd VIII sailed past in glorious victory!

– Helena McBurney (Stroke)

1st Novice VIII – won against Darwin NW1

Our final race of the year was against Darwin. Haunted by the last time we raced them, which resulted in a major crab and a crash into the bridge, we were determined to show who the better crew was. Eating our banana Soreen, we felt quietly confident. With a great start and strong power through the legs, we pulled away during our start sequence and flew from there. Beth kept our heads in the boat with some brutal Power 10s and we crossed the finish line with clear water between us and Darwin! We’ve all had such an amazing time racing. A massive thanks to the LBCs, Isabella and Emma for all their coaching and support this term – we couldn’t have done it without you! Particular thanks to Sebastian the Crab, who is now Rowbridge famous thanks to his sidekick Newnham Crab Girl!

– Izzie Hackett and Becca Sproston (Stern pair)