Lent Bumps 2022 – Day 4

1st VIII – Rowed over in headship position

After claiming headship yesterday, we knew that Downing would come back fighting. Channelling Cat’s key words of the day – “clean and confident” – we rowed up to marshal as chonky and intimidating as ever. Despite nearly slipping in the mud multiple times getting out the boat at the P&E (RIP to Beth’s once white socks), we got hyped and ready to *explode*.

Our start sequence was strong and purposeful, allowing us to open up a good gap between us and Downing. Thanks to some beautiful lines from Cat and some hench rowing from us, we never let Downing get any whistles on us and settled into a nice rhythm along the reach. Absolutely flying past marshalling crews, we crossed the finish line with our heads held high.

A massive thank you to everyone who came to watch, especially Hayley! We’re looking forward to what the final day brings tomorrow. YEAH NEWNHAM!!!!

-Rebecca Sproston, Seat 6

2nd VIII – Rowed over

Today, the 2nd VIII crew met for a third day of racing, feeling highly motivated to get the first bump despite the rain, as “jello” flag is the 2nd VIII’s favourite weather…

As we rowed up to marshalling, we passed by Hughes Hall W2 boat saying, “see you tomorrow Newnham” – they already knew it would be very hard to catch our speedy boat in their third attempt…

After some strong practice starts and bursts of fast rowing, we settled in our starting position like yesterday, in between Corpus and Hughes. 10 minutes, 4 minutes, crew high five, 1 minute, push off, GO! Squeeze!

After a good start and build up sequences, we were feeling strong and confident. As we were trying to make our move to increase the rate, Corpus bumped but didn’t clear the river very quick. Thankfully, once again Grace navigated around the chaos without us noticing. Hughes did try to catch us as we were deviating from our line, but we found some extra power to push them away from us.

As we came down the Reach, we were strong, fast and ready to row over once again keeping a high rate to maintain a big gap with Hughes. We did some power strokes for each crew member and coach with the great and continuous support of our bank parties. Near the finish line, we got some additional cheering from the crews marshalling screaming “YEAH NEWNHAM” to keep us going and finish strong. After rowing over 3 times, we are ready to bump Jesus II tomorrow

-Cecile Cravart, Seat 6

3rd VIII – Rowed over

With 24 hrs of rest, the 3rd VIII were ready to hit another day of Bumps. Feeling hyped and refreshed, we donned our Newnham yellow and blue facepaint hearts, and set out feeling strong. The ongoing drizzle wasn’t going to ruin our hype. With 20 minutes to spare at marshalling, we started fuelling with jelly babies and starburst, perfectly timed for the sugar rush to hit during our start sequence and subsequent power strokes.

4 minute cannon… 1 minute cannon… Start cannon! Our start sequence was powerful, fast, and set us in a good rhythm. Very soon after we had our first whistle, telling us we were catching up with Trinity Hall ahead. Not long after we heard a whistle indicating Sidney were gaining. We put the power down and pushed Sidney away.

As always, with Beth’s incredible coxing, we sustained rhythm and power, keeping Sidney from gaining all the way to the reach whilst maintaining a short distance between ourselves and Trinity Hall in front. The kill call at the railway bridge kept us going for the last stretch, and ensured Sidney did not bump. We kept our row over strong up until the top finish. Currently carb loading, we are prepared to hit the final day of bumps hard and to finish what we started today! Yeah 3rd VIII!!

-Tabitha McCulloch, Bow