Beth Taylor

As if she didn’t already have enough on her hands as an Engineering student, Beth essentially signed up for every sport possible (including rowing of course) at Newnham’s Freshers’ Fair. She noviced in Michaelmas 2019 in NW1 and ended up at Stroke, a seat which she eventually fell in love with, despite some rocky race starts at Emma Sprints! Subbing into NW2 on bowside for Clare Novices gave Beth a taste of being bisweptial and she hasn’t looked back since!! She went on to row as seat 4 in W2 and “Touched the Butt” (ie. bumped) 3 times, getting her bumps record off to a great start. 

In true NCBC fashion, Beth made sure she celebrated properly after W2’s success, with a BCD that was certainly a night to remember- or not as the case may be!! Now officially obsessed, she became one of the three LBC’s in 2020/2021.