Beth Taylor

As if she didn’t already have enough on her hands as an engineering student, Beth has become truly rowing-obsessed during her time at Cambridge!! She noviced in Michaelmas 2019 at stroke in Novice 1st VIII then decided one side just wasn’t enough, so switched onto bowside to row in the 3 seat for the 2nds in Lent 2020. Post pandemic she has rowed in the 1st VIII since Mays 2021 and has even managed to earn two Headships in 2022, one on each side of course, just to make life difficult.

However Beth doesn’t just row at NCBC; in her second year, she managed to recruit perhaps too many novices as one of the LBC’s, truly filling her life up to the brim with NCBC! Taking “I’ll do anything for my novices” to the extreme, Beth wore the novice’s lucky mascot, Sebastian the Crab, on her head during JER, leading to her being recognised as ‘Newnham Crab Girl’ on her internship that summer… She then went on to become one of the Captains in 2021-2022, truly putting NCBC above her degree. We would say don’t tell her DoS but she already has, multiple times.

Somehow this still hasn’t been quite enough NCBC for her as she is continuing as our Treasurer in 2022-2023!