Beth Taylor

As if she didn’t already have enough on her hands as an engineering student, Beth has truly caught the rowing bug now spending the majority of her free time organising rowing, coaching rowing or sometimes even actually rowing!! She noviced in Michaelmas 2019 in NW1 in the stroke seat then decided one side just wasn’t enough so switched onto bowside to row in the 3 seat for Lent 2020 W2. In true NCBC fashion, Beth made sure she celebrated properly after W2’s pasta-fulled success, with a BCD that was certainly a night to remember – or not as the case may be!! 

In her second year, she decided to combine her experiences from first year and rowed in the Mays W1 boat at stroke…but this time on bowside!! She also managed to recruit perhaps too many novices as one of the LBC’s, truly filling her life up to the brim with NCBC! Taking “I’ll do anything for my novices” to the extreme, Beth enjoyed her 5 minutes of fame as ‘Newnham crab girl’ after wearing NW1’s lucky mascot, Sebastian the Crab, on her head. Then, to really hammer home the whole ‘obsessed with NCBC’ thing, she then went on to be elected as one of the Captains for 2021-2022!!