Katie Jones

Katie Jones learnt to row with NCBC as a fresher in 2016. She had two successful bumps campaigns that year, overbumping in the 3rd VIII in Lents and going up two in the 2nd VIII in Mays.

In 2017-18, Katie became the Boat Club Secretary, while she rowed for the 1st VIII in Michaelmas and Lents, bumping Clare during the Beast from the East. Katie became co-captain with Rhiannon Smith in 2018-19, leading Newnham through a very successful year! She won Fairbairns in the coxed four and then went on to achieve double headship in the 7 seat of both Lents and Mays 1st VIII. Not content with leaving NCBC just yet, Katie became Social Sec with Sophie Baldwin in 2019-20 and coached the 2nd VIII for Lent Bumps with Isabella Mahoney. Post-pandemic, she returned to coach the 4th VIII in Easter 2022.