The Radegund Mile

Race report by Rhiannon Smith

Four people sitting in a boat one (the cox) kneeling on the bank; all have their arms outstretched in a celebratory manner.

It was a beautifuly sunny day for a four to race in Radegund mile, which this year has been extended to definitely more than a mileǃ There was a bit of a headwind, but nothing out of the ordinary for the reach. There were some nerves both the night before and on the morning, most of us hadn’t raced in over a year. But we armed ourselves with NCBC’s most important source of free speed – the matching plaitsǃ (and we got lots of compliments on them in our row down to the start).

Being honest, I don’t remember much of the race, so I will briefly sum up the thoughts of the crew:
Cat – Please row harder and it will end quicker
Beth – oh okay, maybe I can stroke, mayber I do know how to do a rhythm, oh wait this is a long race, Cat helpǃ
Emma – (Emma has perfected the art of emptying her mind completely and as such, had no thoughts during the race)
Amy – I can’t breathe, but we can actually do thisǃ
Rhiannon – This is really good, I’m actually enjoying myself

We’re all really glad to have got some racing experience under our belts (although slightly less happy about the sunburn several of us ended up with). We are all definitely looking forward to more racing in the eight.

Five people in Newnham College Boat Club kit in celebratory poses in front of a rack of boats