Senior QErgs 2021

Having missed out on the chance to compete last year due to Covid, we were excited for the chance to take part in the infamous QErgs (though sadly minus the weirdly orange room because of corona). Thanks to the power of memes, the Captains were able to acquire four male rowers from Hughes Hall to form a mixed senior team – Hughnam Hall. It was certainly an interesting experience to meet four guys in the street outside Queens, strip in front of them to change into QErgs t-shirts, and then within half an hour be flinging yourself off the erg onto their feet.

On Newnham’s side, stress was high (though I think I singularly contributed 95% of the team’s stress). But, that did work to our advantage as Beth was persuaded to wear Sebastian the Crab on her head for the whole of QErgs, much to her embarrassment (we love you Beth!!)

Despite all the build-up and waiting around, the start of the race just sort of happened. Driven by some very loud screaming and forgetting any race plans we had prepared, Hughnam Hall stormed through each 500 m. Finishing an impressive 2nd place, we were extremely proud of our performance and enjoyed the chaos!

– Rebecca Sproston