Lent Bumps 2022 – Day 1

2nd VIII- Row-over

Under yet more threatening skies, NCBC took the Cam by storm on the first day of Lent Bumps. Of the three Newnham crews racing this week, two boated for the first day of competition, with W3 being the first boat on the water.

The 2nd VIII boated towards the end of the afternoon, lining up on the start amongst many of the Cam’s top crews. Starting behind Magdalene W1, Newnham enjoyed a strong start that held their chasers – Hughes Hall – at least a length throughout the early race. As the crews approached Grassy Corner, Magdalene put in a final push to Bump Corpus W1, leaving Newnham Cox Grace Donkin to tow a near-perfect line through an otherwise chaotic bend.

Having cleared the madness of the early Bumpers, the 2nd VIII continued their row-over in style, remaining relaxed and composed throughout, steadily walking away from Hughes Hall who followed down the reach. All in all, a great day’s work in the office for the 2nd VIII. They return on Thursday chasing Corpus and their first Bump of their Lents 2022 campaign.

-Edward Evans, Coach

3rd VIII – Bumped Clare Hall

We made it onto bumps! We got to our station not knowing what to expect. AND GO! Fresh out the start sequence and there was one whistle! Quickly followed by two whistles, and then … HOLD IT UP!! There was a pile-up, and we had to stop 😭.

We were all out of breath and just wanted the technical row over. We ended up re-rowing. The second start sequence was quick, too quick. We got to one whistle but lost it, twice!


Slowed the rate down, and we were flying. One whistle, two whistles, three whistles, POWER NOW, continuous whistles and BUMP!! (All in the space of 15 strokes). A quick hold it up and park on the towpath, where we all finally broke out of race mode and screamed in shock and delight. We had bumped!

-Thimani Bakhai, Crew Captain